Stop Bicton Wind Farm at Kimbolton
Stop Bicton Wind Farm at Kimbolton
Stop Bicton Wind Farm at Kimbolton

Stop Bicton Wind Farm at Kimbolton


SBWF is pleased to confirm that the deadline has now expired for Broadview Energy Ltd to appeal against the Planning Inspectorate's refusal of their second Bicton wind farm proposal.
We are also delighted to announce that, as a result of several generous donations received after our March 2015 AGM, our final fundraising target has been met and all outstanding expenses have been paid. 
We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those in the local community who have steadfastly supported us in so many ways, financial and otherwise, over the last six years.
The action group will remain constituted to investigate any other inappropriate wind turbine developments which may be proposed in the future on this or nearby sites.
The history:
Since 2009, Broadview Energy have submitted two separate schemes for wind farms at 'Bicton' on the site of the former World War II airfield between the Cambridgeshire villages of Kimbolton, Tilbrook and Stow Longa.
The first scheme for four x 125m high turbines was rejected by two district councils, five parish councils, English Heritage, three schools, hundreds of local residents and businesses, and finally by the Government's Planning Inspectorate.
The second scheme for three x 125m high turbines was rejected by two district councils, seven parish councils, English Heritage, three schools, hundreds of local residents and businesses, by the Government's Planning Inspectorate and by the then Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.
A solar farm, built adjacent to the proposed wind farm site, attracted only letters of support from the public and was unanimously passed by the relevant authorities.
For more information please email:

Special Update : 12th February 2015

Bicton Windfarm – Appeal Dismissed
Planning Permission Refused
Stop Bicton Windfarm Action Group (SBWF) is delighted to announce that Broadview Energy’s second Bicton Windfarm proposal has been refused planning permission at the highest level.
The decision was announced today following a public inquiry held in June 2014. 
Planning Inspector Paul Griffiths recommended the scheme be refused, and this recommendation was endorsed by Eric Pickles Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.
You can read the full decision  HERE 
Broadview Energy now has six weeks to decide whether to appeal to the High Court.

Thank you for your support – we will be holding our 
AGM at the Mandeville Hall on Monday 2nd March at 8pm
when we will be able to further update you.

Best wishes,

The SBWF Team
Press enquiries: please call Amy Howard on 07768891264

November 2014

1. Decision date: February 2015?
Following this year’s Public Inquiry into Bicton Wind Farm (mark II), Eric Pickles’ office has issued a decision date of 2 February 2015
We very much hope they stick to this timetable although it is quite possible that the decision may be delayed. Watch this space…
SBWF would normally hold its AGM in November. However, in the light of the timetable above, we have decided, in line with our constitution, to postpone this until March 2015.
3. Fundraising
We are still in desperate need of contributions to cover the final costs of the Inquiry. 
Please do what you can to spread the burden:
You can leave cheques, payable to SBWF, at Kimbolton Post Office, or post them to:
SBWF Treasurer
9 Aragon Place
PE28 0JD
or donate by bank transfer
Account name:     SBWF
Account number: 43020592
Sort code:              20-43-63
Bank:                      Barclays
If you have any questions, or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email : info @  
or call: 07768 891 264
Thank you,
The SBWF Team


The Public Inquiry is upon us!

We hope as many of you as possible will attend - particularly on the first day:  - 

Tuesday 17th June at 9.30am

to show the Inspector the depth of community opposition to the development.

PLEASE NOTE: the Inquiry will NOT be held the council offices as before but at:
Jubilee Park 
Kings Ripton Road
PE28 2NR
At the A1 Brampton Hut roundabout, follow the signs for the A14 East until the Spittals interchange roundabout. Take the A141 towards St Ives/March and go over the next 3 roundabouts. Take the next left at the traffic lights towards Kings Ripton. The venue (at the Huntingdon Town Football Club ground) is about 1/2 mile down on the left.
(DO NOT follow directions as provided on Google Maps which will take you South of the A141 instead of North)
If you need any help with transport or if you have any questions or queries at all, please ask your SBWF representative, email or call 07768 891 264

Finally, we are still some £6000 short of our fundraising target.
Please, please donate what you can.

Cheques, payable to SBWF, can be dropped off at the POST OFFICE in Kimbolton or sent to:
SBWF Treasurer
9 Aragon Place
PE28 0JD
Bank transfers to:
Account name:    SBWF
Account number: 43020592
Sort code:          20-43-63
Bank:                 Barclays
Thank you for you continuing support.
The SBWF Team


Work preparing for the appeal is now in full swing. Our barrister and landscape expert have both been up to revisit the site. Our photo-montage experts spent over a week in March analysing the new locations of the turbines, establishing view points and taking photographs. The resulting photo-montages will be used to argue our case for landscape, heritage, residential amenity and cumulative effect.

We have had a fantastic response to our fundraising drive earlier in the year and are now just £6000 short of our final target. 

So: if you haven't donated already, please do so now. WHATEVER you give, you can really make a difference:
Cheques, payable to SBWF, can be dropped off at the POST OFFICE in Kimbolton or sent to:
SBWF Treasurer
9 Aragon Place
PE28 0JD
Bank transfers to:

Account name:
Account number:
Sort code:

Thank you.
The SBWF Team
* £8000 to go to meet our fighting fund target * 
* Barrister appointed *
* Secretary of State to 'recover' Bicton Wind Farm Appeal *
We are delighted to report that we have now had donations totalling £20,000 in just over a month - 
a fantastic effort in just over four weeks with money coming in at an even faster rate than during the first SBWF campaign.
Nevertheless, the beginning of February saw us £8,000 short of our total fighting fund target. This left SBWF with the difficult decision of whether or not to appoint a barrister. We do not, at this point, have sufficient funds in the bank to cover the cost of a barrister for the full Inquiry process. But if we wait until we have completed the fundraising, we will be too late to participate in the Inquiry with our own representation.
We resolved to take a leap of faith. We have appointed our barrister and he has already started work. And we will continue to fundraise to meet the shortfall. 
So PLEASE KEEP THOSE DONATIONS COMING IN to ensure we can see this fight through to the end.
For those of you who have already donated, we owe you a huge vote of thanks to have got the campaign this far.
We can also report the significant development that Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State, has decided to "recover" the Bicton Wind Farm appeal. This means that the final decision on whether or not the wind farm goes ahead rests with him, NOT the Planning Inspector. 
Mr Pickles himself released two public statements last year confirming the importance of heritage and landscape assets in the planning balance and a community's right to proper consultation. It is our view that these statements should weigh heavily in our favour when it comes the Bicton Wind Farm decision.
There will still be a Public Inquiry in June at which the presiding Planning Inspector will hear all the evidence for and against before submitting his report to the Secretary Of State. It is still vital that we have our own Barrister there to argue our case.
So: if you haven't donated already, please do so now. WHATEVER you give, you can really make a difference:
Cheques, payable to SBWF, can be dropped off at the POST OFFICE in Kimbolton or sent to:
SBWF Treasurer
9 Aragon Place
PE28 0JD
Bank transfers to:

Account name:
Account number:
Sort code:

Thank you.
The SBWF Team
£28,000 TO RAISE BY 31 JANUARY 2014
The strength of our case will be determined by the size of our fighting fund as at the end of January 2014. 
By then we need to know realistically how much money we will have to run the campaign. In particular we need to know whether we are in a position to hire a barrister. Although the Inquiry itself may not start until June 2014, the strict Planning Inspectorate timetable demands that we commit to our defence in February.
 While members of SBWF have provided significant personal funds of their own, we cannot underwrite the entire campaign ourselves. 
The only way that we will reach the fundraising target will be through widespread support. 
All sizes of donation are welcome and important, as is the backing of substantial individual donors who are willing to provide cornerstone donations in the range £1,000-5,000+. 
We recognise that £28,000 is a large amount at what is already a costly time of year but without it, our defence will be severely restricted.
The story so far.....
In 2009, Broadview Energy Ltd proposed the first Bicton Wind Farm scheme; four 125m high wind turbines on the site of the former WWII airfield, above the Kym valley, between the villages of Kimbolton, Stow Longa, Tilbrook and Catworth.

The scheme was rejected by Huntingdon District Council (HDC) and neighbouring East Northants District Council, five parish councils, two schools, English Heritage and hundreds of local residents and businesses. Broadview appealed HDC’s decision, resulting in a Public Inquiry after which their plans were again rejected. 

Government Planning Inspector Paul Jackson said: “the sensitive character of this valley landscape would be seriously adversely affected, the enjoyment of the attractive valley landscape impaired and the settings of important heritage assets significantly harmed.” He concluded, “the environmental and economic benefits of the scheme would be significantly outweighed [by the harm]; and the appeal must be dismissed.” [planning permission refused]. (April 2012).

In March 2013, Broadview revealed revised plans for Bicton Wind Farm: three turbines of the same height (125m) on the same site. 
In September 2013, this scheme was also rejected by HDC and East Northants District Council, seven parish councils, two schools, English Heritage and hundreds of local residents and businesses. Over 98% of the 381 letters from the public to HDC to comment on the scheme objected to the development. In contrast, the solar farm, built right next to the proposed wind farm site, did not receive a single letter of objection. 
In October 2013, Broadview appealed again forcing a second public inquiry which will be held sometime in Spring/Summer 2014.
SBWF is now fundraising to enable it to take full part in this new Inquiry.
Why we still object...
Cumulative development:
We have already seen the impact of the 9 turbines at Chelveston and the 8 at Cotton Farm (between Huntingdon & St Neots). Planning has already been consented for another 4 turbines at Woolley Hill and 3 between Perry and Southoe. That’s 24 turbines in a 20 mile stretch between Cotton Farm and Chelveston. If the Molesworth Wind Farm, currently in planning, is given the go-ahead, you can make that 30 turbines, all with a minimum height of 125m.

With so many turbines already in the region, and a solar farm already built on the former Kimbolton airfield, we believe that this area is already contributing significantly to
the renewable cause, and that local communities and the unique heritage of Kimbolton and its surrounding villages should be protected from any additional wind farm development. If the Bicton Wind Farm goes ahead, the area will no longer be “a landscape highly valued in the district for its ‘unspoilt’ and harmonious character” (HDC).

Four Grade 1 and nine Grade II* listed buildings as well as over 100 Grade II buildings lie within 2.5km of the site including Kimbolton Castle and its gatehouse, and the churches of St Andrew’s and All Saints; all are Grade 1 listed buildings. 

Kimbolton Castle will be particularly badly affected by the development with specifically designed views, such as from the Castle to St Andrew’s Church, its grounds and historic parkland overwhelmed by the presence of turbines on the skyline over 150m above (Castle ground level to turbine blade tip) and less than 2km away. All Saints Church Tilbrook, will also be especially badly affected, its 50m nigh spire dwarfed by turbines 2½ times taller, set on the hill above the village.

We believe that, once again, the significant harm caused by the proposed development would greatly outweigh any benefits.
Why do we need £28,000?
We fully appreciate the fact that the local community contributed significant funds to support SBWF at the first Public Inquiry. 

Together, we raised a total of some £50,000 and that enabled us to have independent representation at the Inquiry with our own barrister – a fact which played an enormous part in our success in stopping the Bicton Wind Farm first time round.

The good news is that we believe we need a little less this time around...

SBWF already has confirmed pledges of support to a total of £17,000. If we can raise another £28,000, our fighting fund will total £45,000 and this will be enough to enable us to mount a proper defence, with independent representation, as before, at the new Public Inquiry.

Independent representation gives us the following advantages:
* Access to our own barrister to fight the community’s case
* Ability to commission independent expert photo-montages demonstrating the true impact of the
    development on the area
* Ability to secure independent expert witnesses
* Ability to mount a broader defence than might otherwise be possible if HDC, with its own budgetary
    restrictions, is left to fight the cause alone Without independent representation for SBWF, our ability
    to fight the case will be severely compromised.

If you are willing and able to assist SBWF in fighting the appeal, please donate or contact us now.


What do you get for your money?
A dedicated, knowledgeable, effective team. 

The SBWF group:
* successfully fought Broadview's previous planning application
* compiled over 120 pages of documentation rebutting Broadview's proposals
* were praised at the 2011 Public Inquiry for their professionalism and conduct
* proved photo-montages supplied by Broadview Energy Ltd at the 2011 Public Inquiry to be inaccurate
    and, in our view, misleading 
* has developed an excellent working relationship with the district council
* has successfully lobbied local and national politicians to support the cause
* freely donate their own professional expertise (planning, business, research, PR, marketing) to the
    campaign, to the value of tens of thousands of pounds
* give hundreds of hours of their own time to the campaign SBWF is absolutely committed to continuing
    this fight but we cannot do it alone.

Please donate now to ensure that we can continue the fight at the highest level.


AGM (see below) 8pm Thursday 12th December 2013
and time to write again - yes, AGAIN!
Deadline to write is 3rd January 2014

We appreciated that many hundreds of you wrote to HDC to object to the development earlier this year and it is ESSENTIAL that you write again, but this time directly to the Planning Inspectorate to arrive by the 3rd January 2014
E-mails will be accepted - and e-mail and postal addresses are below:

The outcome will be decided by one single individual - 
a government appointed Planning Inspector.
It is ESSENTIAL that this Planning Inspector knows for him/herself exactly what the depth of feeling is in the community about this development and why it should not be allowed to go ahead.

Please email or write NOW quoting reference: APP/H0520/A/13/2207023
if you write please send three copies
please send your e-mail to:

     (click on email address to send)
or write to: (three copies please)

Peter Kozak (case officer)   
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/26
Hawk Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
BS1 6PN 
Stop Bicton Wind Farm Action Group (SBWF)
8pm Thursday 12th December 2013
The Mandeville Hall,  Kimbolton
Fighting a second appeal
Stop Bicton Wind Farm Action Group (SBWF) are pleased to welcome you to our forthcoming AGM:


Thursday December 12th, 2013

The Mandeville Hall
Thrapston Road
PE28 0HW

In the light of Broadview Energy’s decision to force a second public inquiry by appealing against Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC)’s rejection of their revised proposals for the
 “Bicton” Wind Farm, the main focus of the evening will be “Fighting a second appeal.”

Stop Press!
Broadview Energy Ltd has formally lodged an appeal against Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC)’s decision to reject their revised proposals for the “Bicton” wind farm. 
This means that the case will now go forward to a second Public Inquiry. As you will probably know, Broadview’s original plans were rejected following a Public Inquiry in 2012.
SBWF Chairman Richard Murphy said: “We are disappointed at Broadview’s decision, but not in the slightest bit surprised. They have never shown any respect for local residents, local democracy, the area’s heritage or its landscape. It’s a classic case of big business trying to bully a community into submission, but we are committed to fighting this appeal and defending our area.”
98% of all letters received by HDC commenting on the new proposals were against the scheme. In contrast, a 5 Megawatt solar farm, constructed immediately adjacent to the proposed wind farm site earlier this year, did not attract one letter of objection from local residents.
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire featured this latest development in its Chris Mann Drivetime Show on Monday 4th November 2013. Click below to hear the debate between SBWF Chairman Richard Murphy and Broadview’s Tom Cosgrove.

Click "Listen Now" and set timeline to 16 minutes

SBWF will shortly be holding their AGM in Kimbolton. Details to be announced.


News Flash - 16th September 2013:

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) tonight refused planning permission for Broadview Energy's revised plans to build the "Bicton" wind farm on the former Kimbolton airfield. 

The decision was unanimous.

We now wait to see whether or not Broadview decide to appeal....
In the meantime, A BIG thank you to all those who turned up tonight to support SBWF and to those who wrote to HDC to object to Broadview's plans.
The SBWF Team.


At 6.30 pm (for 7.00 pm) on Monday the 16th September 2013, Huntingdon District Council (HDC) is to decide, at their public planning meeting, whether or not to grant permission for the “Bicton” Wind Farm.
If the council approves the development at this stage there is no recourse for individual members of the public, or SBWF, to appeal their decision. 


This public meeting will be held in the Civic Suite at the Council’s offices, Pathfinder House, St Mary’s St, Huntingdon, PE29 3TN and we ask as many of you as possible to attend. 
Remember that under new guidelines announced earlier this year by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, your opposition must be considered in the planning balance. 
It is vital that we have as big a turnout as possible and ask you arrive early, say 6.30pm, to ensure admittance.
If you need help getting there, please call us on 07768 891 264 or email 

Our website:
Our Facebook page:
Our Twitter feed:
“Kimbolton Stop Bicton Wind Farm
07768 891 264
The SBWF Team 


Thank you to all those who took the time and trouble to write to Huntingdon District Council (HDC) to object to Broadview’s new application.
In addition, the following parish councils have recommended refusal of planning permission: Kimbolton & Stonely, Tilbrook, Stow Longa, Catworth, Perry, Little Staughton and Covington (parish meeting). Our neighbouring District Council, East Northants, has also registered its objection, as has English Heritage.
This is a clear demonstration of the wealth of public opposition to the scheme. And, under new guidelines announced last month by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, this opposition must be considered in the planning balance.

What next?

There is now likely to be a lull in proceedings. HDC is scheduled to make their formal response to the planning application on 16 September 2013 but this scheduling is dependent on other parties submitting additional information, as requested by the council, in a timely fashion. SBWF has already submitted a 94-page document to HDC, outlining its objections to the scheme.
If HDC refuses planning permission, it will be up to Broadview to decide whether or not they wish to appeal against the council’s decision. If they appeal, the matter will go forward to a Public Inquiry and, as before, a government-appointed Planning Inspector will decide the outcome.
The SBWF Team

New planning application submitted! Time to object again!!
Say NO to turbines on the old Kimbolton airfield.
Last year, Broadview Energy’s scheme to build four 125m high turbines on the old Kimbolton airfield between the villages of Kimbolton, Stow Longa, Tilbrook and Catworth was comprehensively rejected following a Government Public Inquiry. 

Now, they want to try again!

Broadview’s new scheme proposes THREE turbines of the same height (125m) on the same site. The new scheme has changed only marginally from the old. The benefits will be less and we do not believe that the changes are enough to mitigate the harm of the development. 

Click here for details on how to object

please read BOTH pages for all the information

You can now register your objection online by sending your letter by e-mail to:


If you wrote to object before, please do so again.   The new planning reference is: 1300512FUL

Your previous objection will not count against the new scheme.         

If you didn’t get round to writing first time, please take time to write now.   You CAN make a difference.


Press Release        26th March 2013

No-one in favour of wind farm

An exit poll conducted on the revised proposal for the “Bicton” wind farm near Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire has not found anyone in favour of the development.
Broadview Energy wants to erect three turbines up to 125 metres high on the historic Kimbolton Airfield near the villages of Kimbolton, Stow Longa, Catworth and Tilbrook. 
In 2012, their planning application for four turbines of the same height, on the same site, was comprehensively rejected at the highest level, following an extensive Government Public Inquiry.
Planning Inspector Paul Jackson concluded “the sensitive character of this valley landscape would be seriously adversely affected, the enjoyment of the attractive valley landscape impaired and the settings of important heritage assets significantly harmed” and went on to say “I conclude that the environmental and economic benefits of the scheme would be significantly outweighed; and the appeal must be dismissed.” [planning permission refused]. 
Broadview’s revised proposal was shown to residents at a public exhibition in Kimbolton held today.
Stop Bicton Wind Farm (SBWF) conducted an exit poll at the event which revealed 93% of those canvassed were against the scheme, 7% undecided and not a single person in favour.
SBWF Chairman Richard Murphy said:

“This is a sorry case of big business trying to ride roughshod over the local community. Broadview have been told “No” by hundreds of local residents, 5 parish councils, 2 district councils and a highly esteemed government inspector.

The new proposals are only slightly different from the old. Tonight’s exit poll shows that the community’s opposition remains undimmed.”
For more information, call Amy Howard on 01480 860 530 or 07768 891 264
Editors’ Notes: Planning permission was unanimously refused by Hunts District Council for the original scheme of four turbines on the same site in January 2011
SBWF was formed in October 2009 to fight the original application and has a membership of over 250.


HDC have published a draft Supplementary Planning Document entitled  

" Landscape Sensitivity to Wind Turbine Development "     for Public Consultation.

All interested parties are urged to read and comment on this document which refers specifically to the Kym Valley and its setting in the Northern Wolds of Huntingdonshire.
The public consultation runs from 16th November 2012 to 4th January 2013 and can be found online at:

If you want advice on viewing a paper copy of this, contact Hunts District Council on 01480 388 388

SBWF –  Public Inquiry


SBWF is very pleased to announce that the Governent's Planning Inspector has today, (March 9th 2012), dismissed Broadview's appeal to overturn Huntingdon District Council's (HDC) decision to refuse planning permission for the proposed Bicton Wind Farm.

Founding Chairman of SBWF Richard Murphy and current Chairman Martin Patterson said:

“We are both delighted by this result. It has vindicated HDC’s own planning guidance, English Heritage's objection and has found, as we have always maintained, that the harm of this development would outweigh any benefits.

There are many people to thank and this result would not have been possible without the support of the Parish & District Councils & MPs Shailesh Vara and Jonathan Djanogly. But thanks most of all goes local residents who selflessly gave time, energy and money to highlight the inappropriate nature of this planned development”

Developers Broadview have 6 weeks from the date of the appeal decision to decide whether or not to challenge the decision in the High Court. A challenge can only be made on a point of law. If such a challenge is successful, a new Public Inquiry would be held under a different Planning Inspector. We believe a challenge is unlikely but not impossible. We will of course keep you updated on any developments. The 6 weeks ends on April 20th 2012.

To read the Inspector's decision in full  click here:

Any donations you can make to help with the final costs of this campaign would be gratefully received.    Please click here for more details

SBWF – Appeal Update 27th August 2011

In its second week, the Inquiry addressed issues of cultural heritage and the impact of the proposed development on Kimbolton Castle, the Castle Gatehouse, St Andrews Church in Kimbolton, All Saints Church in Tilbrook and local conservation areas. A number of our lay witnesses appeared, as well as the Parish Council Chairs for Kimbolton & Stonely, Tilbrook and Stow Longa, to talk about the impact of the development on homes, local residents and schools. The issue of noise was also discussed. 

The Inquiry’s timetable changed a number of times during the second week with the result that the Inquiry was adjourned on Friday 26th August rather than continuing to 31st August as originally planned.

In September, the Inspector will make two site visits– to gain his personal impressions of the impact on cultural heritage and residential amenity.

The Inquiry will then resume sitting on December 20th when issues of planning will be addressed. The venue of the December sitting is yet to be confirmed. 

Inevitably, the extension of the Inquiry will escalate our costs and we are still gratefully accepting donations.

There remains much crucial evidence to be heard and we are still a long way from a decision. But we are certain that our decision to employ a barrister and expert witnesses was the right one. In the formal processes of a Public Inquiry, such experienced professionals have been invaluable.

SBWF – Appeal Update 23rd August 2011

We would dearly like to be able to update you on a daily basis but with time and resources stretched to the maximum, we hope that this, the first weekly update, will go some way to apprising you of developments. 

The Inquiry opened on Tuesday 16th August at Huntingdon District Council’s (HDC’s) Pathfinder House, with various procedural matters clarified or confirmed and some re-timetabling issues addressed.

The most pertinent of these for the local community is that one of the council’s officers is unable to attend any of the Inquiry in August due to unforeseen personal circumstances. This has meant that the part of the Inquiry which is to deal with planning has had to be adjourned until December – the earliest possible month when all parties are able to reconvene. As a result, we will not know the outcome of the Inquiry until sometime in the early months of 2012.

In the meantime, the Inquiry will address all other matters, of landscape, cultural heritage, residential amenity, noise and conditions in the August sitting.

The opening days of the Inquiry dealt with landscape issues, particularly with the landscape as defined in Huntingdon District Council’s (HDC’s) own policy on wind farm development which states that developers should “avoid locating turbines within the more intimate landscape of the valleys and along valley crests where they will be out of scale with the landscape and settlements such as Kimbolton.”

The Action Group team have also queried the accuracy of a number of photo-montages supplied by the developers and as a result at least one of these has had to be corrected and re-submitted to the Inquiry.

It is cheering that a number of our arguments have been acknowledged but it is impossible to gauge how this might affect the eventual outcome of the Inquiry. There is a long way to go. 

This week, the Inquiry is dealing with cultural heritage and the impact of the proposed development on Kimbolton Castle, the Castle Gatehouse, St Andrews Church in Kimbolton, All Saints Church in Tilbrook and local conservation areas. The impact of the development on homes, local residents and schools will also be addressed. Eight lay witnesses called by SBWF, a number of them from the local community, will also appear before the Inquiry. We will confirm the date of this part of the Inquiry as soon as we are able.

Do remember, the Public Inquiry is open to all and you do not have to commit yourself to being there for a full day. The Inquiry sits every weekday except Mondays from about 10.00am to 5.00pm with an hour’s break for lunch at about 1.00pm. However, last minute change to the time-table can occur, so you are advised to call the council offices in the morning if you want to confirm that the Inquiry is sitting:

Venue: The Civic Suite, Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TN 
Tel. 01480 388 388

Report from The Hunts Post on 17 August 2011

TV news coverage of the start of the Public Inquiry on the 16th August 2011.

Press > to start video

Kimbolton Stop Bicton Wind Farm

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